Itinerary 7: Falset - Capçanes - La Fou - Marçà - Falset

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2h - 3h

This route is mainly around the village of Capçanes and the foothills of the Llaberia mountain range, where the Fou spring is to be found.  When it rains, this spring always rushes with water. 

This route starts towards Marçà on the main road and then enters a track through vineyards as far as Capçanes. From Capçanes we continue steeply uphill as far as the La Caseta de la Vall and from there we drop downwards along a stony path (in parts difficult for bicycles) until we reach Marçà again.

Route not signposted


  • Km 0.- We leave Falset from school square (Plaça de les Escoles), at the entrance to the village and head towards Marçà.
  • Km 0,50.- We turn left along main road. We pass the municipal swimming pool.
  • Km 2,50.- We come to a roundabout and take the turning to Capçanes.
  • Km 4,40.- We turn off the main road and follow a concreted track. 
  • Km 4,80.- We cross the railway line via a bridge. 
  • Km 5,17.- We cross the dry river bed known as: "Barranc de Marmellans" and follow the concrete track uphill. 
  • Km 5,88.- We come to a crossroads and turn left following the signs to Capçanes.
  • Km 6,15.- We turn left again following the signposts. 
  • Km 8,74.- We reach the main road and turn left until we reach Capçanes.
  • Km 9,70.- We reach the village and take the road going along the side of the Co-operative winery which is concrete. Here we can fill our water bottles.
  • Km 10,00.- Once past the swimming pool, we turn left and follow the path signed "Sender de la Fou".
  • Km 10,15.- We continue on this path "Sender de la Fou".
  • Km 11,97.- We cross the dry river bed: "Barranc de la Vall" and we start the climb to "la Fou" spring along a concrete track. 
  • Km 15,25.- After the downhill stretch, we come to the turn off for the "Fou". We can visit the Fou - a cave with water which when it rains becomes a little river.
  • Km 15,30.- We cross the "Barranc de la Vall" again and start an uphill climb, this time a lot harder as it is not concreted. 
  • Km 17,78.- We come to a crossroads and we turn towards the "Caseta de la Vall."
  • Km 19,70.- Once we have arrived, we take a path behind the little house (Caseta de la Vall) on the left. We start a downhill stretch on a technically challenging stony path.
  • Km 21,95.- We take the track on the right. This part is very complicated. You must dismount here.
  • Km 22,23.- We come to another crossroads and we turn left. We come to a wider track next and we follow it until we reach the main road.
  • Km 23,10.- We reach the main road between Marçà and La Torre de Fontaubella. We continue towards Falset . From now onwards it will be main road.
  • Km 26,70.- We are back to our starting point in Falset.
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Agrícola Falset MarçàDO MontsantFalsetMiquel Barceló, 31 977 830 105 e-mail Web
Celler LauronaDO MontsantFalsetCtra. de Bellmunt, s/n - Polígon Sort dels Capellans, 21 977 830 221 e-mail Web
Vinyes DomènechDO MontsantCapçanesCamí del Collet, km. 3,8 670 297 395 e-mail Web
Viñas del MontsantDO MontsantMarçàPartida Coll de Móra 977 831 309 e-mail Web
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