The Priorat county or region is to be found to the south of Catalonia in the Tarragona province.

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Costers DOQ Priorat

Costers DOQ Priorat

The DOC Priorat or wine appellation

The DOQ Priorat covers a small region of fewer than 20,000 hectares, of which only 1,600 hectares are planted with vines. The landscape is abrupt and challenging, or in the words of the Catalan writer, Josep Pla, ‘cataclismatic’.

Working the vineyards is a complicated, demanding and costly undertaking, and the vines produce very little compared to those of other wine regions. Having said this, they produce exceptional grapes which, in the expert hands of passionate viniculturalists, are transformed into internationally acclaimed wines. Priorat wines are known for their marked character and extraordinary complexity. 

In the DOQ Priorat, on the lower floors of certain houses, many well over a hundred years old, winemakers and vintners can be found at work, making wine to fill no more than a few thousand bottles. Their wine comes from vines planted when it was still a sin for women to bare their arms. These bottles will travel to shops in New York, Zurich or Cape Town...

Day by day, the new wineries and newly planted vineyards verify a new-found belief in this area. The land in the Priorat is not an easy option; it gives little away for nothing, though it has managed to charm a fair-sized group of enthusiasts who love the grapes that come from the llicorella soil. The DOQ Priorat wineries are buzzing with activity. Despite the difficulties they face due to their small size, a good number of them are prepared to receive visitors and share their passion for wine and the lands that produce it.


1 | Colo | 13-06-2008 17:25
Grans vins els d'aquesta terra.
2 | Jordi | Barcelona | 21-05-2013 20:26
M'agrada molt el Priorat, sobretot aquesta nova guia!

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