Priorat on foot

From the valley floor to the highest ridges, this trail invites you to enjoy the contrasts of the landscape on the north side of Montsant.

A trail along the south side of the Serra de Montsant, recommended for those who want to contemplate the countryside and take spectacular photographs.

pel Camí de Massanes, pels Revolts i pel Portell de Llaberia

A route over the flat areas and slopes of the shady side of the shoulder on which the village is perched.

Route in the area known as Les Obagues, at the foot of the cliffs of the same name that overlooks the whole area where the plain around Ulldemolins meets the Montsant massif.

A route on slate hillsides, punctuated with red sandstone and limestone, beneath the cliffs of Els Montalts. This is a hot, dry place in summer, with soils that allow rainfall to drain away quickly and make life very hard for plants.

Flora route: Scrub at Els Rogerets

A route on the sunny hillsides on the lower slopes of the Montsant massif. Beneath the towering cliffs that loom over the stream bed coming down from the Pregona spring, material resulting from erosion has built up.

The route begins next to the Cooperative building (WP1). As far as the Coll Major it is waymarked as a GR (in red and white paint). Take the Horta path, paved and enclosed between stone walls, leading to the river Cortiella. Cross the river (WP2) and go uphill along the farm track.

This is a charming shorter route, apt for all walkers and great for children. People say that the olive oil of this corner of the Montsant mountain range, that of La Bisbal, Margalef and Cabacés is of extraordinary quality and finesse.

This route is sponsored by the olive mill Cooperativa del Camp in la Bisbal de Falset



This is a demanding route, aimed at experienced walkers. The consortium which manages the nature reserve of Mola de Colldejou and Serra de Llaberia have re-opened several traditional paths and regularly organise guided walks and activities to get to know the area. 

This route is sponsored by the rural house L'Era in la Torre de Fontaubella