Hamlet to be found in the North-eastern corner of the county, between the Montsant and the Prades mountain ranges. 

To be found in the south-west area of the region, on the top of a hill near where the Siurana meets the Montsant river. T

Cabacés is to be found in the North-eastern corner of the county, on a little hill between two ravines of Comes and Montsant river. Formerly the land belonged to the Barony of Cabacés.

Capçanes is to be found in the southern part of the county, in a valley surrounded by the Espasa, Montalt de la Picotxa and Llaberia mountain ranges. 

Cornudella is to be found in the North-eastern corner of the county, in the Siurana river valley, between the Montsant and Prades mountain ranges.

This municipality was once on a route from the Ebro to Tarragona that was used by generations of travellers in the past. 

In the south-west of the county, perched on the crest of a small hill, stands El Masroig. 

El Molar lies in the west of the Priorat, to the right of the river Siurana. 

Els Guiamets can be found to the south of the county bordering the Ribera d'Ebre county, surrounded by Serra de la Tosseta, el Coll de la Serra and the cliffs of Tivissa and la Serra de Llaberia. the Capçanes stream traverses the village and runs into the Siurana river.

The hamlet of Scala Dei lies within the municipality of La Morera de Montsant, of which it forms part. It was originally the "conreria", a kind of administrative centre for the Carthusian monastery that existed nearby. It was the monastery's place of business, from which the brother in charge directed the workers, monks and others, who looked after the cellars, flocks and fields.

Falset, capital of the Priorat, is located in the south-east of the county, in a valley surrounded by mountains, among them the Roca Roja, Morral and the Llaberia mountains, and in the centre of the basin of the river Siurana, between the plains of the Camp de Tarragona and the Ebro valley.



Perched atop a hill, some authors ascribe to it a Roman origin, but the first mention of it was in 1171, and it was not until 1258 that it received a charter, under the dominion of the Carthusian prior of Scala Dei. 

This village is to be found in the extreme north-east of Priorat county in the Montsant river valley, perched on the top of a big rock. 

La Figuera is to be found in the Western area of the county. This area is dominated by cliffs and and the Montsant mountain range.