Molí Gratavinum

Fotografia Molí Gratavinum
Mas d’en Serres, s/n. Des de La Vilella Baixa cal agafar el camí senyalitzat "Pla del Xorrac" i seguir-lo durant 1 km.
La Vilella Baixa
687 758 781
93 890 11 43
Minimum 1 person / Maximum 60 people
Opening hours: 

No need to book

Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm and from 3pm to 6pm

Advance booking required at least one day in advance

Saturdays from 9am to 2pm 

Visit languages: 

Catalan, Spanish, French and English

Visit price: 

14 € (mill tour+ tasting -includes a tasting of two red wines which are made at the adjoining winery -Gratavinum 2πR and Gratavinum GV5)


Oils and characterization: 

Gratavinum Reserva (95 % Arbequine olive varietyi 5 % Rojal olive variety). Extra virgin olive oil with hints of green tomato, green almonds and freshly cut green grass. Once warmed in the hand, we also notice nuts (hazelnuts and almonds). In the mouth it is smooth, sweet and with hardly any spicy or bitter notes.

Sales during visit: 


More information: 

Harvest: November

Once in the village of La Vilella Baixa, take the signed track "Pla del Xorrac" and follow it for one kilometre aproximately.