The Priorat county or region is to be found to the south of Catalonia in the Tarragona province.

Priorat Tourist Board

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Plaça de la Quartera, 1 - Consell Comarcal del Priorat | Falset | 43730 | Tel. 977 831 023

By bike


Itinerary 11: Gratallops - Torroja del Priorat - La Vilella Alta - La Vilella Baixa - Gratallops

One of the most beautiful routes around the Priorat. Nearly all of it takes us along forest paths and only some main road. [read more]

Itinerary 1: Falset - Coll Guix - La Torre de Fontaubella - Falset

This route starts in Falset and follows on towards Mola de Colldejou mountain and the Llaberia mountain range. [read more]

Itinerary 2: Falset -Bellmunt- Marçà -Falset

This route takes us through the villages of Falset, Bellmunt del Priorat and Marçà. This itinerary enables us to contemplate the spectacular vineyards in the southern part of the Priorat region. [read more]

Itinerary 3: Falset - Masroig - Guiamets - Marçà - Falset

Fairly easy route although quite long, but on fairly even ground. [read more]

Itinerary 4: Falset - Masos - Obagues - Falset

Route which covers two areas on the outskirts of Falset: Els Masos and Les Obagues. [read more]

Itinerary 5: Falset - Bellmunt - El Masroig - Marçà - Falset

Very pretty route around the villages of Falset, Bellmunt del Priorat, el Masroig and Marçà. It is a route which in the most part will take us through vineyards and olive groves.  [read more]

Itinerary 6: Falset - Les Pinyanes - Les Obagues - Falset

Easy short route with the only dificulty being the climb towards the "Serra de les Obagues" (Obagues mountain range) and the path which continues along this range.  [read more]

Itinerari 10: Falset- Pradell de la Teixeta - La Torre de Fontaubella - Falset

Ruta que transcorre entre aquestes tres localitats. És una ruta que tot i transcórrer parcialment per sota els molins, val la pena per les vistes que tindrem de tota la zona del Baix Camp i del Baix Priorat. [read more]

Itinerary 7: Falset - Capçanes - La Fou - Marçà - Falset

This route is mainly around the village of Capçanes and the foothills of the Llaberia mountain range, where the Fou spring is to be found.   [read more]

Itinerary 13: La Vilella Baixa - Gratallops - Escaladei - La Vilella Baixa

One of the most spectacular routes around the Priorat region. It takes you to the villages in the heart of the county and around the Montsant mountain range. [read more]

Itinerary 14: Cornudella de Montsant - Poboleda -Escaladei - La Morera de Montsant - Cornudella de Montsant

This route is very beautiful, especially for the views it affords over the Montsant mountain range and other parts of the Priorat region. 
[read more]

La Serra de Llaberia en BTT

En el document que us podeu descarregar a sota trobareu tres propostes d'itineraris per fer en bicicleta de muntanya que us acostaran a indrets de la Serra ben diversos. Els itineraris tenen diferents graus de dificultat per a satisfer tant les famílies com els esportistes més exploradors.

[read more]


Ruta Paiosatges del Vi de la DOQ Priorat

Bonica ruta de 51 km que transcorre pels paisatges del vi de la DOQ Priorat. [read more]
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  • Olive oil route
    The Olive oil of the Priorat is a superb oil. We would like to invite you to get to know how it is made, its characteristics and the various oil mills or presses which make up the Olive oil Route. In total we have six mills which are members of the route where visitors can try our very best extra virgin olive oil.

    [read more]
  • Winery Tours

    Priorat County wineries open their doors....

    [read more]


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