The Priorat county or region is to be found to the south of Catalonia in the Tarragona province.

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Plaça de la Quartera, 1 - Consell Comarcal del Priorat | Falset | 43730 | Tel. 977 831 023
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Itinerary 1: Falset - Coll Guix - La Torre de Fontaubella - Falset

Foto Itinerari 1
  • Distance: 26 km
  • Level: 844 m
  • Cyclability: 99 %
  • Duration: 1 h 30 m - 2 h 30 m
This route starts in Falset and follows on towards Mola de Colldejou mountain and the Llaberia mountain range. There are steep climbs, especially towards the Coll del Guix, where the terrain also makes progress through the wooded areas difficult.  There are some parts on the descent towards the village of La Torre de Fontaubella, where we must dismount. 

In general, the terrain is good, with the exception of some loose stones in the case of the path which leads to the village of  La Torre de Fontaubella. This village is also worth a visit.

This route is not sign-posted

Route description 
  • Km 0.- Leave Falset from square near primary school (Escoles) and head towards village of Marçà
  • Km 1,2.- Take track on left from main road
  • Km 3,9.- On main road, turn left towards village of La Torre de Fontaubella. 300m on metalled road.
  • Km 4,2.- Leave the main road and take track on right signed La Mola de Colldejou.
  • Km 4,39.- Follow cobbled track on left (some difficulty here with bicycles). Start of gentle hill.
  • Km 8,50.- Cross dry river bed and straight on to steep climb towards Coll del Guix, hard ramps in 1km.
  • Km 9,60.- At Coll del Guix start downward climb towards village of Colldejou
  • Km 12,90.- Once in Colldejou, where water bottles can be filled, cross village to reach main road. Follow uphill towards Coll dels molins (windmill ridge) 
  • Km 16,50.- Leave main road and follow track on right hand side (do not confuse with wide track going downhill). Some parts hard to cycle.
  • Km 18.- Once La Torre de Fontaubella is reached, the route follows the main road and then the same track used from Falset.
  • Km 22,50.- Turn right along track which we used to reach Coll del Guix.
  • Km 25.- Return to road and follow directions to Falset
  • Km 26,17.- Return to starting point. 


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Villages (2)

  • Falset | Falset, capital del Priorat, es troba situada al sud est de la comarca, en una vall envoltada de muntanyes, entre elles la Roca Roja, el Morral i la Serra de Llaberia i al mateix centre de la conca del riu Siurana, entre el camp de Tarragona i el nus de l’Ebre.
  • Torre de Fontaubella | Al sud est de la comarca, al límit del Priorat amb el Baix Camp i al naixement de la riera de Marçà, hi ha la Torre de Fontaubella. La separa del Baix Camp la Serra de Llaberia i la Serra de l’Argentera en la seva unió al Coll Roig, prop del pic de La Mola, de 914 m d’altitud.

    S’hi pot arribar per carretera des de Falset per la T-3000 fins a Marçà i la TV-3001 fins a La Torre de Fontaubella; des de Pradell de la Teixeta per la TV-3223; des de Reus per la N-420 i la TV-3223, i des de Colldejou per la TV-3220.

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