The Priorat county or region is to be found to the south of Catalonia in the Tarragona province.

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Plaça de la Quartera, 1 - Consell Comarcal del Priorat | Falset | 43730 | Tel. 977 831 023
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Itinerary 2: Falset -Bellmunt- Marçà -Falset

Rutes per a BBT
  • Distance: 19 km
  • Level: 437 m
  • Cyclability: 100 %
  • Duration: 1 h - 1 h 30 m
This route takes us through the villages of Falset, Bellmunt del Priorat and Marçà. This itinerary enables us to contemplate the spectacular vineyards in the southern part of the Priorat region.

The route is easy and there are no physical nor technical difficulties. The land is good as for the mostpart it follows forest paths. There may be some difficulty in the clay-based soils as there are loose stones as we pass through the vineyard of Mas d’en Gil winery.

Route not signposted


  • Km 0.- Starting point is Falset school square (Plaça de les Escoles) 
  • Km 0,20.- we head towards Gratallops and then take a left hand turn on narrow metalled track indicated Bellmunt del Priorat via GR-174
  • Km 0,74 We reach village cemetery and turn right on a tight bend. We are still on a metalled road. 
  • Km 2 We leave the metalled road and turn right following the GR (Grande Route) towards Bellmunt. 
  •  Km 3,87 At the signpost, take the left hand turn downhill towards Bellmunt through a pretty area of vineyards. 
  •  Km 5,32 We go uphill and veer left until we meet the main road. 
  • Km 5,60.- We cross the main road and follow the track in front of us. In Bellmunt we can fill up water bottles. 
  • Km 7,76.- Dangerous point of route as we have to go downhill and turn left on a path which is slightly obscured. 
  • Km 7,97.- At this point, we have to cross a little streem and then start a short but steep climb. 
  • Km 8,30.- From now on, we are in a wooded area on clay soil with loose stones. 
  • Km 8,68.- Crossroads of four tracks. We take the one on the left. 
  • Km 10,88.- Once we have left the clay soil behind us, we turn left along the track.
  • Km 12,50.- We come again to a four track crossroads and we follow signs to the village of Marçà.
  • Km 13,20.- We cross the main road and cross over the railway bridge known as "Pont Fumat" or "Smoky Bridge". 
  • Km 13,70.- We follow signs to Marçà.
  • Km 14,45.- We come to the main road and turn right towards La Torre de Fontaubella, here we can enter the village of Marçà to fill up water bottles.
  • Km 14,90.- Roundabout, and we continue towards La Torre de Fontaubella.
  • Km 15,40 We take a concreted track on left as we go downhill, signposted "Falset  via Mas d’en Crusat".
  • Km 16,70.- Once we have passed the huddle of farm buildings known as "Mas d’en Crusat" we turn left and follow the signposts towards Falset. Slight uphill climb towards the main road and then on to Falset.
  • Km 18,55.- We are back on the main road and we head for Falset.
  • Km 19.- Arrival point at school square in Falset. 


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Villages (3)

  • Bellmunt del Priorat | To be found in the south-west area of the region, on the top of a hill near where the Siurana meets the Montsant river. 
  • Falset | Falset, capital del Priorat, es troba situada al sud est de la comarca, en una vall envoltada de muntanyes, entre elles la Roca Roja, el Morral i la Serra de Llaberia i al mateix centre de la conca del riu Siurana, entre el camp de Tarragona i el nus de l’Ebre.
  • Marçà | Al sud est de la comarca, separat del Baix Camp per la Serra de Llaberia i la Mola de Colldejou, al peu del turó de la Miloquera, hi trobem Marçà.

    S’hi pot arribar per carretera des de Falset per la T-300; des de la Torre de Fontaubella per la TV-3001; des de Capçanes per la TV-3002 i des de Móra la Nova per la N-420 i la T-367. Marçà compta amb un baixador de la línia de ferrocarril Madrid-Barcelona, el qual comparteix amb Falset.

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