Viticultors Mas d'en Gil

Finca Mas d'en Gil, Carretera de Falset a Bellmunt, km 4
977 830 192
Production (bottles): 

Tours (with previous booking) 2nd Saturday of the month, from March to November (14/04, 12/05, 9/06, 14/06, 11/08, 8/09, 13/10, 10/11)

Tours: 11 am / 5 pm

Other days, advance booking required, minimum 6 people


1 and 6/01, Easter, 24/06, 15/08, 11/09, 12/10, 01/11, 06,08,25, 26 and 31/12

Visit price: 

Visit to the winery, vineyards and taste: 25 € 

Visit duration: 

1,5 h -2 h

1-15 pax

2-15 pax (open doors) 

Visit languages: 

Catalan, Spanish, English, French and there is the possibility of German  

Wineyard visit: 

Bellmunt Blanc ( white, young)

Bellmunt Negre (red,aged)

Coma Vella ( red, aged)

Founded in 1860, MAS d’en GIL is a family-owned estate located in Bellmunt del Priorat,one of the estates with more biodiversity and history of the Priorat. In 1998 it was acquired by the Rovira Carbonell family, fourth generation of winemakers, who follows the tradition of the area by producing their own wines, olive oil, almonds and hazelnuts, all within the organic and biodynamic agriculture. They have a unique estate, composed by five valleys, where you can find all the landscapes of Priorat. A vivid image of this wonderful region in a small scale.