Priorat on foot

Priorat on foot

This is a demanding route, aimed at experienced walkers. The consortium which manages the nature reserve of Mola de Colldejou and Serra de Llaberia have re-opened several traditional paths and regularly organise guided walks and activities to get to know the area. 

This route is sponsored by the rural house L'Era in la Torre de Fontaubella

The municipal district of Capçanes, which belongs to the Priorat region, is located in one of the two areas which are richest in dry-stone constructions in Priorat (the other one is the area of Montsant river and the mountains surrounding it). In the area of Les Taules, situated to the East of the village centre, a wide variety of elements made of dry stone congregate in quite a limited space. 

The route starts in Capçanes (Comarca del Priorat) and will take you from the cool valleys to the peaks of Serra de Llaberia, where you will enjoy splendid views over a vast land, following the path of the guerilla fighter Carrasclet and other ancestral paths. 

pel Camí de Massanes, pels Revolts i pel Portell de Llaberia

This route follows for the most part the old pack-horse trail which has linked the two villages for centuries. It is also well-signed by the Montsant Natural Park.

This route will take you to an old way, the cattle track of Les Taules, constructed for the livestock that where driven on their way to the village. The walls that delimited it can still be seen now. You can enjoy spectacular views from here on clear days. 

This is a medium-length route, apt for all walkers and is especially known for its spectacular views, high cliffs and medieval paths.

This route is sponsored by the hotel and restaurant La Siuranella in Siurana. 

This is a charming shorter route, apt for all walkers and great for children. People say that the olive oil of this corner of the Montsant mountain range, that of La Bisbal, Margalef and Cabacés is of extraordinary quality and finesse.

This route is sponsored by the olive mill Cooperativa del Camp in la Bisbal de Falset



Take a step back in time in this area of Priorat, when the banks of the great Siurana River saw the settling of a people on the peak of the nearby hill. They were probably the first miners of today’s county and lived here some three thousand years ago. We suggest you went on a simple stroll to discover this fantastic spot. It is ideal for exploring with children and the walk can be extended if you leave from the village and take the paved farm track which leads to Les Pinyeres hermitage and Siurana River. 

The route begins next to the Cooperative building (WP1). As far as the Coll Major it is waymarked as a GR (in red and white paint). Take the Horta path, paved and enclosed between stone walls, leading to the river Cortiella. Cross the river (WP2) and go uphill along the farm track.

The Carthusian monastery of Escaladei is set amidst the extremely beautiful Montsant mountain range with its spectacular craggy outcrops. The monastery’s surroundings form part of the Montsant Natural Park and are highly suited for excursions to discover more about our natural and cultural heritage

The dry stone shelters and little terraces tell of the farmers who have left their mark on the region’s land.
All along the ancient bridleway running from El Masroig to Falset, walkers can enjoy magnificent examples of these shelters such as the ones known as Barraca del Jaume el Xalet or Barraques del Joan de Cal Quimet, Barraca de Cal Josepó or Barraca del Coll de la Falsetana.

This circular route is an interesting proposal for experienced walkers, although, we also recommend you do it over two days. For those who are looking for a shorter route, the Falset to Gratallops path is a good alternative which takes around 3 hours.

This route is sponsored by the winery Clos Figueras in Gratallops

Experienced walkers can do the full circular route in one day. However, it is also equally enjoyable over two days. We also recommend, for example, that walkers climb up from La Vilella Baixa to La Figuera and return the same way along the pack-horse trail.

This route is sponsored by the restaurant Celler de l'Aspic in Falset and the winery Celler Lo in la Vilella Baixa

This trail takes you through olive and almond groves with wonderful examples of dry stone walls which once were used as part of the traditional farming methods and are now abandoned. There are still parts of the ancient cobbles on this former way.

This route is sponsored by the rural house Cal Porxo in Pradell de la Teixeta 

This pleasant route offers many contrasts and is ideal in spring or autumn during the grape harvest.

This route is sponsored by the winery Celler de Capçanes

Easy route which takes us through Torres Priorat vineyards as well as a pictoresque rocky area known as the "Rogerals".

This route is sponsored by the winery Celler Torres en el Lloar

This is a charming route, suitable for children and all walkers. It offers sweeping views over the nearby countryside and an intense feeling of peace and well-being.

This route is sponsored by the winery Buil&Giné in Gratallops

These trails are an invitation to people to walk the villages, which are so close to the county of Ribera d’Ebre. Here, the Siurana River is on its way to join the larger, Ebre River, where vineyards and olive groves have shared the stage with lead mines and galena for centuries.

This is a very easy route, apt for all walkers and ideal for children. It takes us to one of the most emblematic and fascinating corners of the Montsant mountain range and Priorat region.

This route is sponsored by the inn and restaurant Fonda Toldrà in Ulldemolins

A trail along the south side of the Serra de Montsant, recommended for those who want to contemplate the countryside and take spectacular photographs.

From the valley floor to the highest ridges, this trail invites you to enjoy the contrasts of the landscape on the north side of Montsant.

A trail in the westernmost area of Montsant, recommended for those who want to enjoy direct contact with nature, drink in the landscape and take spectacular photographs.

A trail on the western slopes of the Serra de Montsant, recommended for those who want to enjoy historical and spiritual heritage in a beautiful natural environment.

A trail on the southern slopes of Montsant, recommended for those who want to contemplate nature and take spectacular photographs.

A trail from the slatey environment characteristic of the lower part of El Priorat region to the first limestone cliffs: Els Montalts.

A trail along the southern side of the Serra de Montsant which takes us to the upper part of the limestone cliffs of Els Montalts in order to then complete the circuit with a gentle descent to the Montsant river.

A trail through the western gullies of the Serra de Montsant, those that have been most shaped by human activity in the not too distant past. Recommended for those who want to enjoy historical and cultural heritage within a beautiful natural area.

A circular trail to La Figuera, taking in spectacular views of the Serra de Montsant and a large part of El Priorat. Recommended for those who want to enjoy sweeping panoramic views and take extremely impressive photographs.

A trail on the southern side of the Serra de Montsant, recommended for those who want to enjoy the area's historical and cultural heritage in a beautiful natural setting.

A trail on the easternmost side of the Serra de Montsant, which enables the walker to get to know the different characteristics of the two sides of the mountain range easily in a single trip.

A route on slate hillsides, punctuated with red sandstone and limestone, beneath the cliffs of Els Montalts. This is a hot, dry place in summer, with soils that allow rainfall to drain away quickly and make life very hard for plants.

Flora route: Scrub at Els Rogerets

A route on the sunny hillsides on the lower slopes of the Montsant massif. Beneath the towering cliffs that loom over the stream bed coming down from the Pregona spring, material resulting from erosion has built up.

Route in the area known as Les Obagues, at the foot of the cliffs of the same name that overlooks the whole area where the plain around Ulldemolins meets the Montsant massif.

A route over the flat areas and slopes of the shady side of the shoulder on which the village is perched.