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Common term: 
Vilellencs de dalt
Surface area: 

Located in the north-east of the Priorat, this village is perched on a hill, surrounded by the Montsant, the mountains of La Figuera and the pass of La Consolació. Situated to the south of the Montsant, the village is drained by the Riuet d’Scala Dei, which crosses the locality before flowing into the river Montsant in La Vilella Baixa.

How to get there: 

It can be reached by road from Falset on the T-710 (via Gratallops to La Vilella Baixa) and then the T-702 (to La Vilella Alta). It can be reached from Cornudella by the C-242 (to La Venta d’en Pubill) and then the T-702 (via Poboleda and Scala Dei to La Vilella Alta); from Margalef on the T-714 (via La Bisbal de Falset) and then the T-702 (via Cabacés and La Vilella Baixa to La Vilella Alta).


It has a sports ground, library, old people's centre, village hall, swimming pool and agricultural cooperative.


Local festivities include those of Santa Prisca on 18th January, with bell ringing, a special mass, vermouth, theatre, dance, cinema and concert. The summer festivities are at the last weekend in July; and the winter festivities in honour of Santa Llúcia (St. Lucy) are on 13th December.


DOQ Priorat wine is produced, as well as olive oil.

Places to visit: 

Points of interest include the Carrer Major, with various stone doorways; the Carrer Ereta, known for its steep slope; the café, with all the atmosphere of yesteryear; firing slits created during the Carlist wars in different places around the village. The Font Vella is a traditional water tap framed within an arch; the church of Santa Llúcia (St. Lucy), with an altarpiece dating from 1700 and a particularly high bell tower, and the olive oil mill.


Ajuntament de La Vilella Alta 
Plaça de les Eres, 1
CP: 43375
tel.: 977 839 375
fax: 977 839 375


DL – DV: 9:30 – 14:30 h

DX: 16 – 21 h