DO Montsant

By starting off your itinerary from Pradell de la Teixeta and continuing through La Torre de Fontaubella, Marçà, Falset and Capçanes, you can see from the road the landscapes offered by La Mola de Colldejou. If you wish to travel on foot, there are pathways setting off from all these locations into the forests and the majestic scenery of La Mola, 859 metres above sea level, from which there are excellent vantage points.

The orographical area of El Montsant, a massif that was declared a Natural Park in April, 2002, is composed of a large mass of conglomerates that alternate clayey and sandy soils with spectacular geo-morphological formations that stand out for their geological and landscape properties, with cliffs, canyons and ravines that add the widest possible variety to the overall relief.

This itinerary corresponds to the south and north-east areas of the region, the wines of which are within the DO Montsant Designation of Origin. The wine production of the area is concentrated to a large degree in the co-operatives. The wines obtained are outstanding for their dense, potent character and their qualities as regards both bouquet and taste have gradually been improved as technology has progressed inside and outside the cellars.

The itinerary suggested here takes you on a journey around the small towns of the Priorat region which base the larger part of their agricultural activity on the production of olive oil of the finest quality, with Siurana Designation of Origin.