Cooperativa de la Serra d'Almos

Fotografia Molí de la Serra d'Almos
Av. Cooperativa, s/n
977 418 125
977 417 429
Minimum 2 people / Maximum 15 people
Opening hours: 

Adv ance booking required at least one day in advance

During the harvest (November to January):
Monday to Saturday from 5.30pm to 7pm

Visit languages: 

Catalan and Spanish

Visit price: 

4 €

Oils and characterization: 

Mussefres (96% Arbequine variety olive and Morrut de Reguer and Farga varieties). Extra virgin olive oil, mid-to high fruitiness with green aromas such as artichoke, green tomato, walnuts and almonds. Well balanced on the whole and very harmonious on the palate.

Sales during visit: 


In 1989, our olive oil making system was completely overhauled and adapted to new technology. Up until then, the olives were pressed using the old method of millstones, a hydraulic basket press and the olive oil was drained off using a series of basins. With the new system of cold pressing and picking of olive when still green straight from the tree, we have managed to produce an exceptional extra virgin olive oil.