Barraca del Creuetes (Dry stone building)

Historic dry stone building which was used as a temporary residence and is found on the site of the former village of Montalts in the Montsant mountain range. The best route to this building is from the village of La Vilella Baixa along the "Grau del Bous" and traversing the Racó dry river bed.
Dry stone architecture is part of the important heritage of the Montsant mountain range. It bears witness to human occupation and the use of the mountain's natural resources. This system of popular architecture is based on the use of stone as a single element of construction and has been used to organise areas with dry stone walls which facilitate the cultivation of the land. Other elements of dry stone structures represent the life and work of the people of the Montsant mountain range. These consist in the small stone huts used for sheltering from the weather and was used by people and animals alike. Tanks which were used for collecting water, animal enclosures often made by building walls on one side of a natural hollow or cave etc...
The "Creuetes" dry stone construction was used as a temporary shelter for people and animals during times of busy agricultural activity. It is built using big blocks of rectangular stones which lead upwards to a dome-shape. The dome-shaped stone roof is covered by gravel and soil in order to make it water-proof.
On this route, there are a series of impressive dry stone wall terraces which have been built to enable the plantation of vinestock. There are also other constructions such as "Pouets de la Salvació", two shelters which are incredibly simple, yet impressive and set in a dry river bed and mainly used as storehouses.