Centre for the interpretation and reproduction of the Hermann tortoise

Centre interpretació tortuga a Marçà

Immerse yourself in nature

The visitor’s centre for the interpretation and reproduction of the Hermann tortoise and the Marçà Aroma Park is a magnificent natural setting for observing how examples of this species have been protected. Visitors are also invited to delve into a world of aromas based on aromatic, medicinal and culinary herbs.
A central avenue is covered with local flora for visitors to enjoy. They are also offered the opportunity to observe the tortoises in their individual areas.

Opening Times:

From Easter to 30th June and from 12th September to 12th October
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 10am to 1pm

1st July to 11th September
Monday to Sunday: 10am to 1pm

Other times, tours are available by appointment only at 656 955 490 or 653 401 994

 >6 years: 3 €
Groups over 10 people: 2 €

For further information:
Tel.: 977 178 000 / 656 955 490 / 653 401 994



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