Itinerary 5: Falset - Bellmunt - El Masroig - Marçà - Falset

1h 30min- 2h 30min

Very pretty route around the villages of Falset, Bellmunt del Priorat, el Masroig and Marçà. It is a route which in the most part will take us through vineyards and olive groves.

We start by taking the GR (Grande Route) which goes from Falset to Bellmunt and then continue onwards towards Siurana river along a track.  Part of the route is by metalled road. As the route takes us past the Lead Mining Museum of Bellmunt, a visit is highly recommended.  The ground is generally good, the only difficult section is the path back to Falset where you may have to dismount.  

Route no signposted


  • Km 0.- We leave School Square in Falset (Plaça de les Escoles)at the entrance to the village and take the road towards Gratallops. 
  • Km 0,20.- We take the metalled road on our left. 
  • Km 0,75.- We pass the cemetery, down the hill towards the right and continue onwards.
  • Km 2,00.- We take the GR towards Bellmunt del Priorat  on the right.
  • Km 3,92.- We come to a crossroads and turn left to start a downhill stretch towards Bellmunt.
  • Km 5,42.- We come to a difficult spot when we have to turn left on a track which does not go uphill.
  • Km 6,00.- We reach the main road and just afterwards we come to Bellmunt. At the entrance to the village we come to a fountain where we can fill up water bottles. 
  • Km 6,57.- We take the main road towards el Molar.
  • Km 7,29.- We come to the Bellmunt Lead Mining Museum and Mines. We take the road past the mines and take the GR towards the right. We start a downhill stretch towards the Siurana river valley. 
  • Km 8,93.- We keep straight on.
  • Km 9,58.- Take the track leading off to the left.
  • Km 9,80.- We turn right and continue downwards. 
  • Km 10,52.- We reach the metalled track and turn left. After crossing the river we continue onwards towards the village of el Masroig.
  • Km 15,28.- We cross the dry river bed and follow a concrete track uphill on the right. We enter the village where we can fill up drink bottles.
  • Km 15,81.- We reach the main road and turn left. On the right there is a fountain.
  • Km 16,30.- On leaving El Masroig, we come to a metalled track on the left hand side which leads to the Pinyeres hermitage. We take the concrete track on the right.
  • Km 17,80.- We keep straight on the concrete track, where there are lots of loose stones.
  • Km 18,36.- We come to a crossroads and take the left track. 
  • Km 18,55.- Turn left and follow downhill. 
  • Km 19,62.- The path finishes here and we turn right to leave the wooded area.
  • Km 21,82.- Once we have left this clay-based area, we turn left along this track.
  • Km 23,44.- We come to a crossroads of four track. We follow the signs to Marçà.
  • Km 24,14.- We cross the road and the railway bridge (Pont Fumat). 
  • Km 24,64.- We follow signs to Marçà.
  • Km 25,39.- We reach the road and turn right towards the village of La Torre de Fontaubella. We can enter Marçà to fill water bottles. 
  • Km 25,84.- Roundabout, take La Torre de Fontaubella.
  • Km 26,34.- We enter a concreted track on our left. 
  • Km 27,64.- Once we have passed the farm buildings of "Mas d’en Crusat", we turn left and follow signs to Falset. Here there is a slight climb towards the main road. Follow this road to Falset.
  • Km 29,14.- We are back on the road to Falset.
  • Km 29,59.- We are back at our starting point in Falset.

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Agrícola Falset MarçàDO MontsantFalsetMiquel Barceló, 31 977 830 105 e-mail Web
Celler LauronaDO MontsantFalsetCtra. de Bellmunt, s/n - Polígon Sort dels Capellans, 21 977 830 221 e-mail Web
Celler MasroigDO MontsantEl MasroigPasseig de l'Arbre, 3 977 825 026 e-mail Web
Celler Mas Blanc-PinordDOC PrioratFalsetCtra. de Falset-Bellmunt del Priorat, Km. 3 | Falset93 890 30 66 e-mail Web
Coca i FitóDO MontsantEl MasroigOnze de setembre, s/n 619776948 e-mail Web
Viñas del MontsantDO MontsantMarçàPartida Coll de Móra 977 831 309 e-mail Web
Solà ClàssicDOC PrioratBellmunt del PrioratClos, 1 | Bellmunt del Priorat977 831 134 / 977 830 726 e-mail Web
Celler VermunverDO MontsantMarçàRicard Piqué, 15977 178 288 e-mail Web


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Mas TrucafortFalsetTourist dwellingCamí Mas Trucafort - Ctra. Falset-Bellmunt, km. 1,5977 830 160 e-mail Web
Les QuimeresFalsetFarm tourismN-420, km. 844637 051 662 e-mail Web
Apartaments La Font Vella de FalsetFalsetHoliday apartmentFont Vella, 9661 400 274 e-mail Web
Hotel-restaurant Lotus Priorat***FalsetHotel-RestaurantDe Baix, 33977 831 045 e-mail Web

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