Within the territories of the DO Montsant, wine is synonymous with a life of hard work, tenacity and hope. The importance of cooperation and the growth in the number of wineries in recent years is clear proof of this.

Drawing on the experience of older people, a group of growers and young winemakers have brought this small Designation of Origin to the attention of the world of wine. In a short time, the wines of the DO Montsant have gained the respect and admiration of the finest experts all around the world for their quality and strong personality. 

The DO Montsant has surprised everyone. The wines are dynamic; a mixture of accumulated wisdom and experience, and the energy and enthusiasm brought by the new generation of agriculturalists and winemakers. These wines also represent commitment, risk taking, cooperation and confidence in achievement. For example, almost all the population of a village took out a mortgage for the development of a cooperative. Growers have joined forces to impress buyers and to open markets in the United States, Germany, Holland, Israel...

A good number of the wineries and cooperatives that have played an important part in this revolution are now open to the public. They are keen to share their excellent wines and, above all, would like you to take part in their adventure and share their hopes for the future.