There are plenty of festivals and events taking place throughout the year in the Priorat: "Fiestas Mayores", religious processions, traditional dancing... Most festivals take place during the summer months in July and August mainly. These "fiestas" tend to include dancing, traditional dances called "Sardanes" and activities and games for children.

It is worth mentioning a special day which comes at the end of a Fiesta Mayor, which is the "Day of the Lazy". It is a day where there are games for children based on popular culture and folklore.

Religious processions and gatherings often take place in the village hermitage which are scattered around the countryside, usually in places of outstanding natural beauty. If you are interested in the more important events of the Priorat festival calendar, there are four main dates worth remembering:

  • Nearest weekend to Saint Anthony's Day, 17th January: "L’Encamisada" in Falset
  • Second Sunday in March: Festival of the Omelette in its own sauce in Ulldemolins.
  • First weekend of May: Wine Fair in Falset
  • Second or third Saturday of September: Old Fashioned Grape Harvest Festival in Poboleda

Festivals and fairs