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The Priorat

The Priorat is a place associated with world-renowned wines and a living agricultural landscape of outstanding beauty, with Siurana and the Carthusian monastery of Escaladei as its biggest attractions.

But there's more to the Priorat than they say: the area is a constellation of charming little villages, an endless network of paths, the Montsant Nature Park, the Serra de Llaberia mountains protected area, chapels and museums that speak of a long past, ancient sites, olive oil trails, wine trails, routes by car, routes by mountain bike and more.

Whether you go there with the family, with friends or you're simply looking to lose yourself all alone, you simply have to discover the Priorat.

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One county, two wine regions to enjoy wine holidays
The comarca (county) of the Priorat is home to two prestigious wine designations: DO Montsant and DOQ Priorat. Both wine lovers and wine experts curious about what lies behind their great wines will love the Priorat Wine Trail, with wineries to visit and a thousand and one experiences.

DOC Priorat

The DOQ Priorat is without a doubt one of the most prestigious wine regions in Spain, as all wine enthusiasts know. The DOQ stands for Denominació d’Origen Qualificada, or Qualified Designation of Origin. The Priorat is home to "heroic wine-growing", with vineyards clinging to impossible-seeming slopes. As well as great wines and stunning landscapes, the area boasts a wide range of wineries to visit on the DOQ Priorat Wine Trail.

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DO Montsant

The DO (Denominació d’Origen or Designation of Origin) Montsant has gone from being one of the great revelations of recent years to being an established landmark among Catalan wines. Heir to a long wine-growing tradition, Montsant is a place where wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts can discover a changing agricultural landscape, gems of Art Nouveau architecture and a set of wineries to visit on the DO Montsant Wine Trail.

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Priorat olive oil: the other jewel in the crown

Though it is often overshadowed by the wine, some outstanding olive oil is made in the Priorat area. There are some ten oil mills to visit, and the area has an Olive Oil Trail for visitors to discover how olive trees form part of the Priorat landscape and are even, in some villages, the predominant crop. Mainly associated with the DOP Siurana designation of origin, the mills strive to publicise and share the culture of olive oil, an authentic Mediterranean treasure.

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The Montsant Mountain Range

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The Montsant Mountain Range symbolises the Priorat and the Tarragona region. It is not one of the highest mountains, neither is it the one that stretches the furthest, and yet, the strength of its geography is unquestionable. This mountain range is compact, encircled in a great part by sheer cliffs and rocky areas formed during the Oligocene epoch.

The spiritual relationship which Man has maintained over the centuries with the Montsant mountain range has afforded it a very special status.

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An endless network of paths
The Priorat is a land of ancient paths that have survived the passing of time. The network of paths is well-maintained, signposted and highly varied: wine trails, drystone trails, olive oil trails... And there are routes to suit all tastes: the wine enthusiast looking for a stroll through the vineyards, families, mountain bikers, mountaineers wanting to take on the cliffs of the Montsant massif, tireless hikers...

Something to do every day, all year round

The Priorat has a busy cultural calendar throughout the year. The festive calendar is set by tradition, and events at country chapels and village festivities are lively popular celebrations.

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Places of interest

The Priorat is home to a historical, cultural and natural heritage you simply have to discover.

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