Visiting the Priorat with young children

At any time of year

The Priorat County or “comarca” offers a great variety of tours and activities for spending time with the family at any time of year.

Lead Mine and Museum

Without a doubt, one of the most popular ones for little ones is a tour of the Bellmunt del Priorat Lead Mining Museum and Mines, a few kilometres from the capital of the county, Falset.

This mineral and metallurgical complex was once the most important in Catalonia in terms of lead ore extraction.

Visitors can explore the first underground gallery which was excavated in the 19th century. Accompanied by a guide, we can see replicas of miners working as well as visiting a modern exhibition area above ground, located in the old workshops where the mineral was processed.

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In Porrera, adventurous visitors can swing from ropes and do balancing acts on walkways suspended from trees in the entertaining Parc Vies Altes.

In the northern part of the county, in Cornudella there is a reservoir which offers visitors the chance to row on Siurana lake.

In between Capçanes and Els Guiamets, we will be able to go kayaking or ride in a pedalo on the tranquil waters of the Guiamets reservoir. This artificial lake is located in a beautiful corner where the train line runs nearby.

Want to know Truski, Mosquit and Estel?

In Rucs de Montsant you can get in touch with nature and the rural world through the look and sensitivity of 3 Catalan donkeys.

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Aren't you fascinated by space?

In AstroPriroat you can discover how the moon, planets, nebulae... look like

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Want to spend some time in bubbles?

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Who says is not possible to visit wineries with kids?

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Montsant Mountain Range Natural Park
The Montsant Mountain Range Natural Park or Nature Reserve edits an annual calendar of trips and activities. Some of these activities are aimed at families and are often based on discovering the flora and fauna of the park.

Hiking trails

The Priorat region offers visitors an extensive network of hiking trails which allow visitors to discover exceptional countryside views. Some routes are suitable for families with children as they are shorter or not as steep.

Archaeological Remains

In El Masroig where, after a five minutes drive from the village, we come to the hermitage of Les Pinyeres and the Siurana River. Here, hidden in woodland is Puig Roig del Roget, a prehistoric settlement. This settlement was inhabited almost three thousand years ago. You will be able to learn how it inhabitants lived by reading the information boards which are located on the site.

> Puig Roig del Roget