Places of Interest in the Priorat

Monuments and Museums

The monastery of Escaladei, the castle in Falset (housing the county museum) and the old mines in Bellmunt del Priorat are some of the monuments and museums you'll find in the Priorat.

These and other places offer you a tour of the history and culture that have shaped the Priorat over the centuries.

Places of Historical Interest

The historic sites of Siurana, the monastery of Escaladei, the prehistoric settlements of Calvari and Puig Roig and the rock paintings of Capçanes are good examples of the fascinating past of what today is the Priorat area. Here you can find out, among other things, the story of Abdelazia the Moorish queen, the legacy of the Carthusian monks who fostered wine-growing in the Priorat and how the people who settled here many centuries ago lived and organised themselves.


Places of Natural Interest

The Priorat landscape features natural areas of outstanding interest, such as the Serra de Montsant nature park, the mountains of the Serra de Llaberia and the reservoirs of Siurana and Els Guiamets. Walkers and outdoor enthusiasts who want to explore the landscape of the Priorat will find gorges, natural viewpoints, rock shelters, caves and pools, making it a great place for walking or any other outdoor activities.


The Priorat has long been a land of spiritual retreats. The Montsant massif has a long tradition or hermits, shown by the fact that dotted around it are nine country chapels on the sites of former hermitages, many of them in remote, idyllic spots. And there are many others to be found all over the area, such as La Consolació and Sant Gregori, evidence of the local people's traditional devotion to their patron saints.

> Montsant hermitages
> Consolació hermitage
> Chapel of our Lady of Les Pinyeres
> Sant Gregori hermitage
> Sant Antoni hermitage


Other places of interest

Whether strolling through the villages or taking in the countryside around them, the Priorat is an area that calls for visitors' full attention. Things like the sundials that decorate the front of houses in Porrera will awaken anybody's curiosity.