Leisure Area in la Torre de Fontaubella


Area equipped with:

  • Fountain
  • Swings
  • Trash
  • Shade


You are allowed to camp subject to the following conditions:

You must ask permission from La Torre de Fontaubella town hall by calling in office hours, Monday to Friday from 10.30am to 1.00pm, or else by email, giving the following information:

- Full name of the person responsible, ID no., email address and a contact telephone number.

- Details of the stay: arrival and departure dates, number of nights, number of people (specifying how many are under 12 years old), number of tents and approximate time of arrival.

Daily rates for use of the facilities:

Per person: €4
Children aged 6-12: €1
Groups of adults: €3 per person, from 10 people onwards
Scout and youth groups: half price
Tents: €5 per tent per day



43774 Tarragona

977 830 615