Celler Cooperatiu el Molar


That the cooperative in El Molar has been making wines for 80 years is nothing new. It forms part of a region where winemaking traditions are deeply rooted. However, when you say that you make a wine whose features make it unique, because of the antiquity of its vines, the relief of the terrain, the soil type... and then add a label that guarantees the product under a designation of origin, you can be sure of what you are getting.

We are surrounded by wineries and cooperatives that realised years ago that putting the wine in a plastic container was not the future. We caught on a little late, but we can tell you that we are putting all our efforts and resources into making a quality product, and we are gradually making a name for ourselves as producers of DO Montsant wines.

We market two labels: Els 4 Sonats, a coupage of carignan and grenache grapes; and Cilibantum, 100% grenache, and we are delighted that both are earning high praise. Our goal is to make a good product at a reasonable price, and to encourage our growers to feel part of this small project and feel rewarded for their hard work over the year.

Extra virgin olive oil is another of the cooperative's products, under the DOP Siurana denomination. We have our own oil mill, and since 2021 have had a line to press CCPAE-certified organic olives.

DO Montsant

DOP Siurana

Product types

Vi negre
Vi blanc
Oli d'oliva verge extra
Where to find the products?

- Els quatre sonats (blanc)
- 4 sonats (negre)
- Cilibantum (negre) 

· Direct sale at the celler Cooperatiu el Molar winery (el Molar)

· https://www.vinsprioratimontsant.com/es


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