Costers del Ros


After several years of inactivity, in 2002 the Gràcia i Juanpere family started making wine again, restored the family home and set up the new Costers del Ros winery, also in Gratallops. Thanks to painstaking restoration, going into Cal Ros today is like taking a journey into the past. A sign of this is the old winery below ground where traditional ranci aged wine is still made today.

The rest of its wine, specifically the red Obila, is made in the new winery which takes up the old house, of which only the outside walls were kept and the interior rebuilt to equip it with modern facilities. This wine is made using the grenache, carignan and cabernet sauvignon grape varieties.

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Vi negre
Where to find the products?

- L'Albada (negre)
- L'Obila (negre)

· Direct sale at the Costers del Ros winery (Gratallops)



C/ de les Valls, 8

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