De Muller


This winery, founded in 1851 by Don Augusto De Muller and Ruinard de Brimont, was one of the first to bottle the wines of the Priorat. Since 1995, De Muller S.A. has belonged to the Martorell family. They modernised the facilities and improved the way of working at its Priorat winery, extending the old premises in 1999. The winery, with capacity for 5,000 hectolitres, is located on the Mas de les Pusses estate, from which its grapes come. With these grapes and lots of hard work De Muller wines come, with a style and identity of their own, revealing all the force and hardness of the region from which they come.

DOQ Priorat

Product types

Vi negre
Where to find the products?

- Priorat Les pusses Criança (negre)
- Priorat Carinyena (negre)
- Priorat Legítim (negre)
- Priorat Lo Cabaló Reserva (negre)

· Direct sale at the De Muller winery (el Molar)




Mas de les Puces

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