Domaines Magrez Espagne


Mr. Bernard Magrez, the owner of numerous wineries in other parts of the world, was looking to create a wine of quality, which is why he invested in the Priorat.

The wine is made like this:

The harvest comes into the winery in just the right state. After destemming, the grape goes onto the selection belt for maximum checking of the fruit and is then deposited in wooden vats with automatic temperature control, so that fermentation starts in the best possible conditions. The wine is laid down in French oak barrels for eighteen months, in which it should grow and become enriched, transforming it into better wine.

DOQ Priorat

Product types

Vi negre
Where to find the products?

- Alegria de Herència del Padrí (negre)
- Herència del Padrí (negre) 
- Sine Nomine (negre)

· Direct sale at the Domaines Magrez Espagne winery (Porrera)




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