Els Vil·lusionistes


Els Vil·lusionistes micro-winery, in the centre of La Vilella Baixa, known as the New York of the Priorat, is on the ground floor of an old house that has housed everything from a small distillery to a café. Sergi Siuraneta and Anna Molina, old school friends and from families with a long tradition of farming in the Priorat, decided not just to keep up the vineyard handed down from generation to generation, but also to start making wines in which no ageing container would add any flavours other than those of the grapes themselves. This is how they present their grenache and carignan to the world: naked and unadorned.

DOQ Priorat

DOP Siurana

Product types

Vi negre
Oli d'oliva verge extra
Where to find the products?

- Unànim (negre)
- Unànim Simbiosi (negre)
- Equànim (negre)

· Direct sale at the Vil·lusionistes winery (la Vilella Baixa)

· https://www.vinsprioratimontsant.com/es


C/Freixinals, 10

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