Ferrer Bobet


Ferrer Bobet was set up in 2002 as a result of two friends' passion for the world and the whole culture of wine: Sergi Ferrer-Salat and Raül Bobet. The winery's estate has several characteristics that give it enormous potential, and in fact determined the owners' choice of the Porrera area within the DOQ Priorat. The soils are made up almost entirely of slate. The estate is in a cool, fairly high area with steep slopes. Its winemaking is based on a firm conviction that wine-growing is an essential factor in the quality of the wine. Though naturally this is no excuse for not having a meticulously-designed winery.

The winery belongs administratively to the municipality of Falset, but is part of the Porrera wine-growing area.

DOQ Priorat

Product types

Vi negre
Where to find the products?

- Ferrer Bobet - Selecció Especial (negre)
- Ferrer Bonet - Vinyes velles (negre)

· Direct sale at the Ferrer Bobet winery (Poboleda)

· https://ferrerbobet.com/#nuestros-vinos

· https://www.vinsprioratimontsant.com/es


Ctra. T-740 de Porrera a Falset, km 6,5

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