Mas Martinet Viticultors


The Pérez Ovejero embarked on its vineyard project at Mas Martinet in 1981. The lie of the land, rootstock, grape varieties, climate and the soil were all studied, and these studies were put into practice in the vineyards that produce today's vineyards: Clos Martinet, Martinet Bru and Camí Pesseroles. Twenty years later, in 2000, the vineyards, olive trees and woods began to be managed as a single agrosystem, according to the principles of organic farming. Today a wine is made from each vineyard, traditional varieties on the point of disappearing have been revived and organic farming methods are used so that every bottle can tell stories about the Priorat landscape.

The winery belongs administratively to the municipality of Falset, but is part of the Gratallops wine-growing area.

DOQ Priorat

Product types

Vi negre
Vi blanc
Vi dolç
Vi ranci
Where to find the products?

- Clos Martinet (negre)
- Martinet bru (negre) 
- Camí Pesseroles (negre)
- Els Escurçons (negre)
- Ranci dolç
- Pesseroles brisat (blanc)
- Martinet Degustació 1 (negre)
- Martinet Degustació 2 (negre)
- Martinet Degustació 3 (negre)
- Martinet Degustació 4 (negre)
- Martinet Degustació 5 (negre)

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Ctra. Falset-Gratallops, Km. 6

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