Molí del Celler Masroig i la Serra d'Almos

The olive trees planted on the edges of the farmland are an important element of the Priorat landscape, in the same way that olive oil is an essential part of the Mediterranean diet. Come to discover the olive groves, walk along the dry stone margins, and get to know the history of a land with a centuries old tradition of olive oil production. The route ends with a guided tasting of our oil during which you will learn all about the production process of a highest quality extra virgin olive oil. 

This mill has been awarded various prizes in national and international olive oil competitions, due to the high quality of the oil produced.



Passeig de l’arbre, 3

977 825 026

Information and visits

Oils and characterization

Les Sorts (100% arbequina olive variety). Light extra virgin olive oil, well balanced between sweet and spicy, yet not astringent. Intense aromas with touches of fennel, artichoke and almonds.


Minimum 2 people / Maximum 15 people

Opening hours

Advance booking required at least one day in advance




Visit price


Sat 4/12 at 11 a.m, 12:30 a.m and 4 p.m.

Sat 11/12 at 4 p.m.

Sat 18/12 at 4 p.m.

Check availability, minimum of 4 people.

Previous book required.

Proximately time of visit: 1 hour.

Price: 8 € per person. Kids 4 € (free visit until 10 years-old)

Consult special rates for groups of more than 10 people.




Visit languages

English / French / Catalan / Spanish 

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