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Hericamps was born out of a determination to undertake a project combining tradition and quality. Tradition because this land was worked year after year by our grandparents, great-grandparents and ancestors. And quality because it reflects our 100% dedication over decades. We believe that sustainability is the only possible way into the future and every day we set out to improve and be more sustainable.

We are also a second-generation winery (Celler Cubells i Cubells), country people who make organic wines from our own hand-picked grapes. We make wines with minimum intervention. Wines made at their own pace. For us a wine doesn't have a name, it has a taste. That's why our wines are named with the year of the vintage and the grape varieties in them. We were reborn determined to undertake a project combining tradition and quality with another essential ingredient: sustainability.

We also sell our own organic extra virgin olive oil.


Product types

Vi negre
Oli d'oliva verge extra Eco
Productes ecològics
Where to find the products?

· Own store "Hericamps" (la Figuera)
· "La Botiga" (Margalef)
· "Agrobotiga L'Obaga" (Cornudella de Montsant)

· https://hericamps.com/?post_type=product


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