The Laurona winery's philosophy is to constantly honour the origins and history of traditional wine growing and winemaking in this region.

The Laurona winery is located on the outskirts of Falset. Born out of René Barbier's passion for the region and its unique terroir, the Laurona winery was founded in 1999 in Falset, making it one of the first private wineries in the Montsant wine region.

The vineyards are on magnificent plots located at the foot of the impressive Montsant massif. With the idea of producing wines that faithfully reflect the features of the region and local traditions, Celler Laurona grows mainly grenache and carignan, traditional local varieties for making aged wines, combining the complexity of these grape varieties with a subtle dose of syrah and cabernet sauvignon.

DO Montsant

Product types

Vi negre
Vi blanc
Vi rosat
Where to find the products?

- Nautilea 2017 de Galilea (negre)
- Blanc de Laurona (blanc)
- Mítico de Laurona (negre)
- Reserva Limitada de Laurona (negre)
- Plini de Laurona (negre)
- Pythagora 2015 de Galilea (negre)
- Supernova 2016 de Galilea (rosat)
- Jardins de Clarena (negre)

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