Josep Grau Viticultor


Josep Grau Viticultor is Josep Grau’s major life project, a return to the land where he was born. Here he has embarked on a new journey, finding a new energy that he had not experienced elsewhere nor with other undertakings.

His wines are not influenced by trends, opinion leaders’ tastes or fads. Instead, they strive to be authentic and deeply imbued with the essence: Grau is convinced that outstanding wines can be made with very little, avoiding artifice and respecting the natural language of the vineyard.

DO Montsant

DOQ Priorat

Product types

Vi negre
Vi blanc
Where to find the products?

- La Florens (negre)
- Les Casetes (negre)
- Pedrabona (negre)
- Vespres (negre)
- Vespres (blanc)
- Granit (blanc)

· Direct sale at the Josep Grau Viticultor winery (Marçà)




Polígono 7, parcela 27

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