Joan Simó


The winery is housed in the family home where Joan Simó, the current owner's grandfather, was born. It has the capacity to make and store 25,000 bottles. It began in 1999 by producing 1,100 bottles and currently makes 20,000, with grapes from very old hillside vineyards.

Some of the vines are in Bellmunt del Priorat and the rest in Porrera. Most are grenache and carignan, the typical native varieties of the Priorat.

Today 70% of its wine is exported to the United States, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Belgium and Sweden, though it sells increasing amounts on the domestic market.

DOQ Priorat

Product types

Vi negre
Where to find the products?

- Les Eres especial dels Carners (negre)
- Les Sentius (negre)
- Viatge al Priorat (negre)
- Les Eres (negre)

· Direct sale at the Joan Simó winery (Porrera)




C/ Onze de setembre, 7

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