The mirrors of the mountains (Siurana reservoir)


11.00 km
215 m
3 h


To walk around Siurana reservoir you can set off either from the eastern side of the lake or from the western one, beside the canoeing centre [1] (access by vehicle is different). We recommend doing the walk anti-clockwise.


At the western end of the dam is a track that follows the water's edge [2] as far as the tail of the reservoir. Around the end of the reservoir the track zig-zags down to water level and crosses over to the other bank, over a small cement bridge. Depending on the water level you may get wet crossing over (in summer this can actually be very nice). If you want to avoid getting your feet wet, before the track turns down, a small path goes off straight ahead, leading a few metres above the end of the reservoir, where you can generally get across the river Siurana over some rocks. [3] The path then climbs up the other side to join the track leading to the water measuring point. Carry on up. Very soon a shortcut to the right cuts out a wide bend in the track leading down to the reservoir. Carry on to the right, uphill. The service track for the reservoir takes a sharp turn and starts to run level. Below, the old water tank of the Salvat mill is clearly visible. [4] The path climbs to negotiate the sharp relief of the spot, offering fine views of the reservoir, the Montsant and this part of the Priorat. You come to a small pass and start going down to return to water level and cross a stream bed. It then goes through a pleasant pine wood to join the old mule track from Cornudella to Siurana. At one point there is a shortcut across towards Cornudella, but the old path is usually covered by water and it is better to take a large detour around the side of the reservoir. This track eventually leads to a crossing of the stream running down a gulley to the left. After the crossing the track sets off back in the opposite direction. There is a narrow path leading across to the road to the dam, but it is very steep and difficult to follow. It is more advisable to carry on along the track as far as the first fields. Skirt these to join the road to the dam.