Monuments and museums

The Castle of Falset Regional Museum is a new museum space that proposes the historical and cultural discovery of Priorat region in a pleasant, immersive and interactive way.


During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) the administration building of the Mina Loussa mine housed a CENU school, and during the Battle of the Ebro (July - November 1938) there was housed a field hospital of the Spanish Republican Army. The exhibition remembers this important episode of Catalan history.


Discover the corners of an over 200 year old mansion house in the village of Porrera. From the wine cellar to the attic, you will find traditional farmers tools, dresses and textiles, furniture of the era and many other interesting things.

This is a centre designed to publicise the natural and cultural heritage of Montsant as well as fostering the culture of olive oil.


The 'Centre d'Interpretació i reproducció de la tortuga mediterrània' is a visitor’s centre for the interpretation and reproduction of the Hermann tortoise and the Marçà Aroma Park is a magnificent natural setting for observing how examples of this species have been protected. Visitors are also invited to delve into a world of aromas based on aromatic, medicinal and culinary herbs.

The originality of the Montsant mountain range is based on its unusual relief: a solid block of cliff which is seemingly inaccessible. Most of the ways up onto the mountain range are known locally as "GRAUS" or access paths.

Miquel Montagud Municipal Museum is a collection of works taken from the former private museum, known as "The Eco of El Greco". It is made up of reproductions of El Greco's works which were carried out by Miquel Montagud Borja (1897-1984).

This museum houses sculptures and other works by local artist, Marcelí Giné and also that of his wife, Lula Pérez. Marçaginé's work is original and can at times be a little disturbing.

A visit to the Eugènia mine at Bellmunt will take you down to the heart of the Earth, whilst explaining the day to day life of the miners of the town. Life in this little village was very different from the usual activity of the other villages of the Priorat.