Advertising Campaign in Barcelona train stations

Publicitat Priorat Passeig de Gràcia
Throughout the month of November, the Priorat will be advertising in the main train stations in Barcelona. The stations are: Passeig de Gràcia, Sants, Plaça Catalunya and Aeroport. The adverts (one for each station) will appear in illuminated free standing and wall-mounted notice boards on the platforms.  The advert aims to link the countryside with wine, which are the two main characteristics of the region. The slogan reads "Priorat, a whole world to be savoured". This campaign runs until 4th December, 2008 and aims to capture the attention and interest of our nearest public - that of Barcelona and its metropolitan area at a time when a visit to the Priorat is very much in tune with the season (Autumn). The campaign has been supported by a Tourism Grant for the region which is managed by Priorat County Council.