"Clot del cirer" or "Cherry tree hollow"

Clot del Cirer

This little corner of the Montsant mountain range is one of the most famous of the Natural Park. It is to be found in the heart of the mountain range and can be reached from the village of La Morera de Montsant or by the Grau de Salfores or Grau de la Grallera going towards PIló dels Senyalets. These "Graus" are gullies which allow visitors to gain access to the mountain top area. These routes converge at the "Pi del Cugat" where visitors must take a little path which leads down to the hollow.

It truly is a green oasis in the midst of the arid Serra Major (mountain) as there is usually water here all year round. As its name indicates, it is in the middle of a hollow, but instead of a cherry tree, it covets a walnut tree. This tree was planted there a few years ago when the original cherry tree died. This tree blossoms beautifully during the months of Februrary and March.  

In former times, the shepherds took their flocks to this spot to drink and there are still remains of some drinking troughs here.


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