Montsant via ferrata

The Montsant via ferrata was put up by the Associació Excursionista de Catalunya de Reus in 2002 and renewed in 2015 by the Montsant nature park in collaboration with a working committee made up of La Morera de Montsant town hall, the Catalan government fire brigade, the federation of Catalan walking groups (FEEC), technical staff from the park and the landowner.



Moderately difficult (K3)

Approach time from the car park

45 min

Time taken on the via ferrata

1 h

Time to return to the car park

1 h

Total ascent

250 m


2 bridges of 4 and 15 m


There are no escape routes off the via ferrata.
Route can be secured with roping system.


Getting to the route

From La Morera de Montsant, go to the top of the village where there is a signpost pointing left to the Grau de Salfores path (PR-C 14). After 1.2 km the via ferrata is signposted along a path turning off to the right, going up towards the cliffs. Go up following the red paint marks through bushes and rocks. The way to the beginning of the via ferrata goes past the well-known Totxo de la Morera, where there are bolted climbing routes.

Description of the Via ferrata

The route is moderately difficult and climbing it involves using the lifeline, not to progress but for safety. Start off by climbing steps up a 15-metre wall; then come a 4-metre stretch and then a chain to climb down another 4 metres.  Pass horizontally over some boulders and turn left to find another stretch of 10 metres of vertical wall up to the first bridge, about 4 metres across to the needle. From here you can see the next 15-metre bridge above you. Climb the needle while enjoying a stunning landscape to reach the bridge, which you should cross one by one. The route becomes less vertical and at the end the 15-metre section of wall is equipped with a thick chain rather than steps, taking you up to the Serra Major, the main ridge.

Back to La Morera de Montsant

There are different options for returning to the village. The nature park suggests going down by the Grau de la Grallera. To get there, head north-east and follow the cliffs eastwards. From the path, if you look south you have aerial views over the Priorat, while to the north you can see the distinctively bare landscape of the Serra Major.

Carrying on down the path you come to a fork. You can go either go straight down via the path on the right or else head north to the ridge and go down when you come to signpost for the Grau de la Grallera ('grau' is a local word for a way up or down through the cliffs). Follow the path down, passing beneath the towering walls of the Serra Major. Along the way you can see the rocks known as El Rei i La Reina (the King and Queen) above you to the left. Soon afterwards, the village of la Morera de Montsant can be seen from the path going down.

Going down the via ferrata is prohibited.

Rules for use and liability

  • The Montsant via ferrata is an equipped route with safety features which are checked regularly.
  • You use this via ferrata on your own responsibility; under no circumstances will the park accept liability for any harm to users.
  • Obligatory minimum approved equipment: helmet, harness and via ferrata lanyard.
  • Groups of users must go ahead in order of arrival.
  • Descent by this route is not allowed.
  • Users must always be secured by the lifeline; it is not to be used to progress.
  • There must never be two people secured to the same stretch of lifeline.
  • Users must cross the bridges one by one.
  • Any minors taking part in this activity must do so under the supervision of an adult.
  • Companies and associations making use of the facilities must ask for permission from the Montsant nature park and obtain the relevant licence (




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