Sant Gregori Hermitage

Sant Gregori (Saint Gregory's) can be found one and a half km from Falset in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The hermitage which venerates Saint Anthony, has been built within a great red sandstone cave. It is a mysterious and fascinating place which seems to have been sculpted out of the rock by the wind.

Around this natural cave there are various rock formations which have been christened by the locals as "the Giant" or the "Snail". The viewpoint in front of the hermitage affords a privileged view over the village of  Falset and its  valley. It's a great place to watch the sun go down and see how the sun's last rays turn the red sand stone even redder.

The present hermitage dates from 1927 as its interior was destroyed after a rock fall. At the feet of the hermitage there is a picnic area with wooden picnic tables and a children's area. From this hermitage is possible to reach the neighboring ruins of Sant Cristòfol hermitage (Saint Christopher) following a marked path.