Itinerary 4 Montsant: Cabacés


8.80 km
340 m
2 h 40 min

A trail on the western slopes of the Serra de Montsant, recommended for those who want to enjoy historical and spiritual heritage in a beautiful natural environment.
The trail passes successively three of the nine chapels within La Serra de Montsant Natural Park. Both the climb up, which is reasonably hard at the start, and the descent, are easily accessible for all types of hiking fans and are not overly difficult.
Follow the signs for the Serra de les Pinedes -Coves Altes and then the path to the chapels, which are indicated with wooden signs placed by Turisme de Catalunya, the Tourist Board of Catalonia.
This trip can be completed in a morning if enough time is allowed, but it is recommended to stop for lunch, making the most of the facilities with barbecues and tables at the chapel of La Foia. However, remember to take your rubbish with you, as there is no rubbish collection service.
You can take this walk any time of year. On the sunniest days, walkers can refresh themselves and quench their thirst at La Foia.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: MEDIUM (not suitable for small children)

Trail description

The departure point for this walk is the car park at the entrance to the village. Climb the street called Carrer Major as far as the chapel of Sant Joan |4.1|and take the track to the left. Here you will find the canal and the old washing-places. Follow the track in the same direction. To the left you will pass a cemented track leading down to L’Aubereda. After a short while there is a signpost and at this point, take the track leading off to the left. After passing the Pont (bridge) d’en Solà, another signpost shows the route to be followed. Pass the olive grove, and after that take the old stone track that climbs straight ahead. You should follow the milestones and pass another signpost before arriving at the top, on the left of the Serra dels Solans |4.2|. Continue climbing gently up the ridge. The path levels out and after a while you will find the cabin of Peret Bassetes |4.3|. From this track, several paths lead off to the grottoes formed by erosion of the cliffs, for example the Coves Altes |4.4|, although you’ll need to concentrate to find them. Continue following the ridge until you reach a path. A sign indicates the direction to take, to the right. After a short while you will reach the Barranc Tancat gully. Continue by the path. On this stretch, various geological phenomena can be seen in the walls of Els Solans. When the appropriate sign is reached, take the track leading down to La Foia. After a short while, you will see at the bottom of the Barranc de la La Covassa gully |4.5|. Leave the chapel of La Foia|4.6| by the path that first climbs a hill and then passes by the side of olive groves as far as a crossroads. Take the path leading to the right, which goes to the chapel of Sant Roc |4.7|. Pass the chapel by the covered passageway on the right to join the path of the irrigation ditch. The path turns into a track and finally enters the village behind the chapel of Sant Joan.