Itinerary 7 Montsant: La Vilella Baixa


7.60 km
400 m
2 h 20 min

A trail along the southern side of the Serra de Montsant which takes us to the upper part of the limestone cliffs of Els Montalts in order to then complete the circuit with a gentle descent to the Montsant river.

Recommended for those who want to take a good long walk and drink in some of the landscapes of the southernmost area of the Natural Park.

Follow the signs for route IV, Sender dels Montalts, which is marked with wooden signposts placed by Turisme de Catalunya, the Tourist Board of Catalonia. The route is on stone paths for long stretches, which enable the walker to imagine the life of the carters and farmers who would have used the high roads in their travels through the mountains. Walkers can also contemplate the landscape offered by the Montsant river on its journey through the narrow passageway formed by the Serra de la Calçada and the Roca de la Figuera. The route also takes in some of the spots that played a leading role in the Battle of the Ebro, in 1938.

This excursion can be completed in a morning and is suitable for all types of walker. It can be done at any time of year, though if you choose to do it in summer it is best to avoid the hottest part of the day.

It is recommended to bring a flask of water.


Trail description

The walk leaves from the Natural Park Information Point. Walk down the street Carrer Catalunya and take the steps that lead down to Carrer Riu. Cross the Scala Dei stream by the Pont Vell (Old Bridge) and beside the Pont Gran (Large Bridge) take the path that runs along the riverbank and to the swimming pool. Now we go up a cemented path to the T-702 road, which you should follow for a few metres in the direction of Cabacés. At the signpost indicating Grau dels Bous (Oxen path) |7.1| take the path to the right and after climbing the first slope, leave the track and continue in the same direction. The detour is indicated by some large marker stones. The route now passes alongside some olive groves and takes us along a section of the old path to Cabacés, the Pujada de la Creu (the Slope of the Cross). On arrival at the Coll de la Creu (Hill of the Cross), take the second path on the right. After a few metres you will see the signpost for the path leading to the old route to Margalef. The route is marked with white paint and from here onwards it is easy to follow. Just before beginning the ascent, in front of a rock, a path breaks off to the right, leading to the Font del Racó spring |7.2|. After climbing a short while on the path up the slope you will come to a small square with a signpost. Staying on the flat, go right and cross the Barranc del Racó gully and a while later, also cross the Barranc dels Bassots. A path leads away from the bottom of the gully to the right, and you should follow this upwards until you reach the sign indicating the path that runs beside the Barraca del Creuetes |7.3|. From here, there is a gradual descent as far as the next sign in the Coll Empedrat |7.4| which will take us back to La Vilella. At this point you can walk for a further five minutes and take in the Bridge of Cavaloca |7.5|. For the journey back, follow the old path from Cabacés to La Vilella until the Coll de la Creu and then on to the village.