Itinerary 10: Falset- Pradell de la Teixeta - La Torre de Fontaubella - Falset


26.00 km
710 m
1 h 45 min - 2 h 30 min
99 %

A route that passes through these three localities. This is a worthwhile route, even though part of it passes underneath the wind turbines, for the views of the whole of the Baix Camp and Baix Priorat areas.

This route has a little of everything, as there are parts that simply call for fitness, but also more complicated places where you may have to get off and walk.

Route not sign-posted


  • Km 0.- Set out from the square in front of the school in Falset, at the entrance to the town, following the road towards Gratallops
  • Km 0.80.- Turn right into the road to Porrera.
  • Km 2.04.- Take a path to the right towards Santa Càndia's Stone and begin the climb up to Les Sentius.
  • Km 4.37.- When you get to Santa Càndia's Stone, on your right, take the path to Pradell.
  • Km 6.10.- When you get to the cemented area, descend towards Pradell following the signposts.
  • Km 7.09.- Cross the road and carry straight on.
  • Km 7.39.- Go down a cemented path on the right to Pradell, where you can get water.
  • Km 7.71.- Come back to the road, follow it to the right before turning off onto a track.
  • Km 8.51.- Take a partly-cemented track to the left.
  • Km 8.86.- Take the path to the left.
  • Km 9.39.- Carry on along the left-hand path.
  • Km 14.80.- Turn right, going down from the Argentera hills.
  • Km 16.57.- Come out onto the road and follow it to the right for 500 metres.
  • Km 17.07.- Leave the road and take a small path to the right (do not take the wide one that goes downhill). There are places where it is hard to cycle.
  • Km 18.50.- Enter La Torre, where you can fill up your water bottle, and follow the road to return to Falset the same way as you came.
  • Km 22.75.- Turn right onto the same path as you took before to get to the Coll del Guix.
  • Km 25.50.- Go back onto the road and follow it towards Falset.
  • Km 26.67.- Back to the starting point