Itinerary 11: Gratallops - Torroja del Priorat - La Vilella Alta - La Vilella Baixa - Gratallops


29.00 km
690 m
2 h - 2 h 45 min
100 %

One of the most beautiful routes around the Priorat. Nearly all of it takes us along forest paths and only some main road. This route shows us the beauty of the inner areas of the Priorat, with great views of the Montsant mountain range. We also have good views of the Figuera mountain range and the areas around Gratallops and Torroja.

Route not signposted


  • Km 0.- We start off at the entrance to the village of Gratallops coming from Falset. There is a track on the right with a noticeboard about the paths of the area. We start off downhill towards the Siurana river, which we cross.
  • Km 4,98.- We can choose one of two paths, as they both lead to the same point. 
  • Km 6,59.- We come out at the main road and we follow it downwards until we reach Torroja. 
  • Km 8,50.- Once we reach Torroja, we can fill water bottles if necessary. We then continue downwards on the main road.
  • Km 10,50.- We leave the main road and enter a track on our left which leads uphill. 
  • Km 12,23.- We follow the GR (Grande Route) towards La Vilella Alta and we leave the track which heads towards Gratallops. 
  • Km 13,03.- We leave the painted indications of the GR when it becomes a path and we follow the main track.
  • Km 13,28.- We come to a concrete area and we follow the signs to La Vilella Alta. 
  • Km 14,27.- We cross La Vilella Alta, where we can fill up water bottles and we head towards the main road. 
  • Km 15,55.- We turn right and leave the main road. We have just entered the Natural Park of the Montsant mountain range. 
  • Km 15,96.- We head uphill and take the right hand track. 
  • Km 16,63.- We follow the concreted track leading upwards on our left. 
  • Km 18,29.- We reach a point where we can walk to "Peu de la Roca" (you have to dismount here, but it is worth the detour) .
  • Km 18,40.- We turn left going downhill and we come to the village of La Vilella Baixa. We can fill up our water bottles here.
  • Km 19,97.- We reach the main road and we keep straight on. 
  • Km 20,78.- We enter la Vilella by the last road leading in and we follow a track towards "Pla del Xorrac" as indicated by the signposts.
  • Km 21,49.- We start to climb towards Gratallops on a track on our left.
  • Km 25,66.- Turn left through vineyards and continue uphill. 
  • Km 26,90.- Keep straight on and we reach the main road. 
  • Km 27,80.- Once back on the main road, we follow it to the right until we get back to our starting point.
  • Km 29,00.- We are back at the starting point.