Itinerary 11 Montsant: Albarca


4.70 km
450 m
2 h

A trail on the easternmost side of the Serra de Montsant, which enables the walker to get to know the different characteristics of the two sides of the mountain range easily in a single trip.

This trail is recommended for those who enjoy contemplating the landscape and taking spectacular photographs.
The ascent takes the walker directly to the chapel of Mare de Déu de Montsant, climbing up the very steep cliff of the north slope. The second part follows a walk along the upper part of the mountain range, easily reaching the highest point, the Roca Corbatera (1,163 m). An extensive view of the landscape unfolds before our eyes. Finally, the excursion returns to Albarca, following part of the old path, which has always provided the easiest access to the upper levels of the mountain range, the Grau Gran.

This walk can be done in a morning and is suitable for all types of walkers, although the first part may be more difficult for those who are not used to walking in the mountains.

This is a walk that can be done at any time of year. If you want to do it in summer, it is best to avoid the sunniest hours of the day. In summer, the walk can be started early in the morning or from mid-afternoon onwards. This walk should not be done in fog.


Trail description

We leave from the terrace in front of the shelter and approach the foot of the mountain. From the Pla dels Hostalets |11.1|, which is identifiable by the ruins surrounding it, take the track that goes off to the right. Pay attention to the various signs, ignoring the one at this point that indicates «Mare de Déu». The path descends gently; passing a path that goes off to the right. A few metres after that, you will see a faded fork in the path. Continue on the path to the right, which is marked on the ground with white paint. This is the path to Ulldemolins, descending over colourful rocks. This path appears again later with a widening of the track. On the right you will pass the head of the Barranc del Teix (El Teix gully). Continue on to the signpost placed by Turisme de Catalunya, the Tourist Board of Catalonia, where you should leave the track and take the path of La Mare de Déu (Mother of God), which climbs up to the left. This is a narrow path leading into the thick woodland. The ascent is hard and steep. After various twists in the path, you will arrive at the chapel of Mare de Déu de Montsant |11.2|. Leave the chapel by the track which leads to the Pla del Grau Gran |11.3| plain. After a short while you will find a much more heavily trodden track. Continue in the same direction and shortly afterwards take the path to the right that crosses the flat area and then begins to climb until it reaches the ridge. Turn to the right and you can climb without difficulty to the peak of the Roca Corbatera |11.4|. To begin the descent, walk back to the crag and follow the path that leads in front of the rock and that goes down to the upper part of the Pla del Grau. From here, follow the red and white marks of the GR (long hike trail) as far as the hill of Collet de Miragüelos. Leave the track and follow the old drove road, which is paved on some stretches, and leads to the Pla dels Hostalets. Shortly after that you will reach the village.