Itinerary 14: Cornudella de Montsant - Poboleda -Escaladei - La Morera de Montsant - Cornudella de Montsant

2h 45min - 3h 30min

This route is very beautiful, especially for the views it affords over the Montsant mountain range and other parts of the Priorat region.

This route is virtually all on tracks except for 500 metres which is a walking path. Most of the route follows forest tracks or vineyard tracks. The only difficulty of this route is the climb towards the village of La Morera.

Route not signposted


  • Km 0.- We leave Cornudella, from the petrol station at the entrance to the village. We take the road towards Reus until we come to a crossroads where there is a restaurant, la Venta d’en Pubill.
  • Km 1,00.- Here we leave the main road and take the GR (Grande Route) which is to our left. We keep on following the markers for the GR. 
  • Km 4,30.- We come to a crossroads and we take the path to the left. The right hand path is the one we will take later on from La Morera.
  • Km 5,28.- We continue along the track on the right towards Poboleda, following the signposts.
  • Km 5,76.- We are now in an area of almond groves where we take a path.
  • Km 6,23.- We follow this path as it is marked as a GR (Grande Route) towards Poboleda.
  • Km 7,35.- Once we are in Poboleda, we take a downhill path and then a concreted track on our left.
  • Km 8,32.- We enter another path marked GR on our right (this is very steep and hard to cycle).
  • Km 9,50.- We come to the main road and we follow it straight on for one kilometre uphill.
  • Km 10,53.- When we get to the top, we take a path on our right which continues upwards.
  • Km 12,03.- We reach the main road and we turn towards Escaladei and the monastery. When we reach the monastery, we start an uphill climb towards the Montsant mountain range which is to our left. 
  • Km 15,37.- Towards the end of the uphill, we come to a crossroads and we turn right.
  • Km 19,45.- Once we have reached the village of La Morera, we take the road on our left and then almost immediately a wide track to our right.
  • Km 20,87.- We take a path on our right (this part and for the following 400 metres must be done on foot).
  • Km 21,24.- We finish the path and come to a track which we follow to the right and cycle downhill until the GR markings.
  • Km 23,60.- Crossroads of two tracks and we take the one on the left.
  • Km 24,47.- We reach the GR and we find ourselves in front of a Catalan country farmhouse. We take the track which we took at first which is to our left.
  • Km 27,50.- We rejoin the main road and we head towards Cornudella.
  • Km 28,50.- We are back to where we started from.

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