Itinerary 3: Falset - Masroig - Guiamets - Marçà - Falset


31.00 km
515 m
1 h 45 min - 2 h 30 min
99 %

This route takes you though the villages of Falset, Masroig, Guiamets, Marçà and back to Falset.  It is a fairly easy route although quite long, but on fairly even ground.  The ground is good throughout as it is a very flat area, although near El Masroig there may be a bit of loose stones.

Route not signposted


  • Km 0.- This route starts at Falset school square (Plaça de les Escoles), near the turning to Gratallops.
  • Km 0,20.- Take Gratallops and turn immediately left on a metalled road leading to Falset cemetery.
  • Km 0,75.- Once at the cemetery, keep straight on, go downhill and past the municipal sewage works.
  • Km 1,25.- You reach a main road and turn right towards Bellmunt.
  • Km 2,10.- You leave this road and turn left on dirt track signposted "Les Pinyanes-Marçà".
  • Km 2.97.- You come to a junction and carry straight on towards El Masroig.
  • Km 4.77.- You come to two paths with a water tank in the middle. Take the left-hand one.
  • Km 6.25.- You come into an area of clayey soil and woods.
  • Km 6.71.- Take a path to the left and start to climb up it, having to get off the bike in some places.
  • Km 7.78.- Leave the narrow path and go down a wide one towards El Masroig.
  • Km 8.51.- Meeting of 4 ways: take the one in the middle.
  • Km 10.00.- When you get to the road, enter the village of El Masroig up the hill first left, and carry on along this street until you come to the cooperative. On the way into the village there is a water tap to fill your bottle.
  • Km 10.32.- When you get to the cooperative, turn right downhill.
  • Km 10.49.- Take the narrow way to the left and you will come to a path going downhill which is cemented at first. From here keep to the path with the water channel and signs on your left.
  • Km 14.11.- Cross the N-420 main road, and carry on towards Els Guiamets, following the signposts
  • Km 16.00.- Cross a stream bed and turn right. Carry on with the water channel on your left
  • Km 18.05.- You reach the road near Els Guiamets, go into the village and follow the road through it. You can fill your water bottle in the village square.
  • Km 19.95.- Carry on along the road, now towards Capçanes
  • Km 21.30.- Take a cemented path to your left and leave the road. You have to follow the signs towards Marçà.
  • Km 26.52.- When you come to the road turn left towards La Torre de Fontaubella. If you need to, you can go into the village to fill your water bottle.
  • Km 27.50.- Roundabout: go towards La Torre de Fontaubella
  • Km 28.00.- Take a cemented path to the left. Signs point to Falset along the Camí del Mas d’en Crusat.
  • Km 29.30.- After passing the Mas d’en Crusat turn left and follow the signs towards Falset. There now comes a slight climb to get to the road back to Falset, where the route began.
  • Km 31,15.- Back on the road, head towards Falset.
  • Km 31.60.- Arrive back at the starting point, Falset.