Itinerary 3: Falset - Masroig - Guiamets - Marçà - Falset


31.00 km
515 m
1 h 45 min - 2 h 30 min
99 %

This route takes you though the villages of Falset, Masroig, Guiamets, Marçà and back to Falset.  It is a fairly easy route although quite long, but on fairly even ground.  The ground is good throughout as it is a very flat area, although near El Masroig there may be a bit of loose stones.

Route not signposted


  • Km 0.- This route starts at Falset school square (Plaça de les Escoles), near the turning to Gratallops.
  • Km 0,20.- Take Gratallops and turn immediately left on a metalled road leading to Falset cemetery.
  • Km 0,75.- Once at the cemetery, we keep straight on, go downhill and past the municipal sewage works.
  • Km 1,25.- We reach a main road and turn right towards Bellmunt.
  • Km 2,10.- We leave this road and turn left on dirt track signposted "Les Pinyanes-Marçà".
  • Km 2,97.- We reach a crossing and continue straight in the direction of El Masroig.
  • Km 4.77.- We find two paths with a cistern between them, and we take the left one.
  • Km 6,25.- We enter a zone of clay stone and woods. 
  • Km 6,71.- We take a path on our left and start a climb on a difficult terrain that has some stretches where we have to get off the bicycle. 
  • Km 7,78.- We leave this path and continue on the broad track in the direction of El Masroig. 
  • Km 8,51.- A crossing of four paths, we take the middle one. 
  • Km 10,00.- We get to the country road, enter the village of El Masroig on the first climb on our left, and we continue on this street until we get to the cooperative. On entering the village, there is fountain to fill our water bottles. 
  • Km 10,32.- Once at the cooperative, we turn right to descent.
  • Km 10,49.- We take the alley on the left and find a descending path that is paved at its beginning. From now on, we always have to follow the path that has got the water channel on the left and the banners. 
  • Km 14,11.- We cross the national road N-420 and follow our route in the direction of Els Guiaments, following the road signs. 
  • Km 16,00.- We cross a dry river bed, turn to the right, and continue with the water channel on our left. 
  • Km 18,05.- We reach the country road close to Els Guiamets, enter the village and cross it following the road. There is a square where we can fill our water bottles. 
  • Km 19,95.- We continue on the country road, now in the direction of Capçanes.
  • Km 21,30.- We enter a paved path on our left, descending, and we leave the country road behind. We have to follow the signposts that take us to Marçà. 
  • Km 26,52.- We get to the country road and turn left, in the direction of La Torre de Fontaubella. If you need to, you can enter the village to fill your water bottles. 
  • Km 27,50.- Roundabout, direction La Torre de Fontaubella.
  • Km 28,00.- We enter a paved path on the left. The signposts in the direction of Falset pel Camí del Mas d’en Crusat.
  • Km 29,30.- Once we have passed the Mas d’en Crusat estate, we turn to the left and follow the signposts in the direction of Falset; there is a slight rise to get to the country road, and then to Falset, where we started our route. 
  • Km 31,15.- We are on the country road again and continue in the direction of Falset. 
  • Km 31,60.- Arrival at the starting point in Falset.