Itinerary 4: Falset - Masos - Obagues - Falset


20.00 km
489 m
1 h 15 min - 1 h 45 min
99 %

Route which covers two areas on the outskirts of Falset: Els Masos and Les Obagues, where there is a shooting range. 

This is a short route, which unfortunately is partly by main road. Els Masos is an area with great views over the Priorat and some great downhills towards the Serra de les Obagues which takes us through lovely woodland. The tracks are generally stony, especially around els Masos where there are loose stones.

Route not signposted

  • Km 0.- We start from the Plaça de les Escoles (School Square) at the entrance to Falset and head towards Gratallops.
  • Km 0,80.- We follow the road to Porrera and keep on this road until the top of the ridge as the GR path is not in a good state of repair.
  • Km 4,30.- Once over the ridge (Coll de Porrera) and on the start of the downhill, we turn left and climb slightly uphill on a track. 
  • Km 5,80.- At a junction, we continue straight on and go downhill on another track.
  • Km 6,98.- We reach a point where there are lots of side tracks and we follow the track on the left.
  • Km 7,23.- We keep taking the left hand track at every intersection.
  • Km 7,36.- We take a track on the right and a little further on we come to a small stone hut. 
  • Km 7,51.- When you come level with the hut, turn right and the path is clear from now on. We start downhill on a wide track which is very steep.
  • Km 8,32.- We are now at a crossroads after the downhill and we take the left hand turn.
  • Km 10,72.- We will now travel 2km on a metalled road.
  • Km 12,34.- We cross the road and go down a track which is just opposite us. 
  • KM 12,43.- We turn to the right towards the "Serra de les Obagues"
  • Km 13,08.- We start to climb to the Obagues mountains and follow part of a cobbled track. 
  • Km 13,35.- We leave the cobbles behind and enter a small ravine with sandy soil which makes it hard to cycle on.
  • Km 14,27.- We reach the firing range and go up the track on our left. We come across a path which may be uncyclable in parts.
  • Km 16,54.- Follow the signs to Falset.
  • Km 18,85.- We come to another metalled road and follow signs again to Falset.
  • Km 20,07.- We reach the cemetery and turn left. 
  • Km 20,85.- We are back to the starting point.