Itinerary 6: Falset - Les Pinyanes - Les Obagues - Falset


16.00 km
314 m
1 h - 1 h 30 min
100 %

Easy short route with the only dificulty being the climb towards the "Serra de les Obagues" (Obagues mountain range) and the path which continues along this range.

In the Pinyanes area of Falset, we will find a series of houses set in their own land. There are various types of crops, mainly vineyards. At the Serra de les Obagues, we will come across an area which is wooded and damp. From the Serra de les Obagues there are wonderful views over the Mola de Colldejou mountain and the Llaberia mountain range.

Route not signposted


  • Km 0.- We leave the school square in Falset (Plaça de les Escoles) and head towards Gratallops. 
  • Km 0,20.- We turn left on a narrow metalled road.
  • Km 0,75.- We reach the cemetery and continue straight on, past the sewage works. 
  • Km 1,25.- We take the road in the direction of Bellmunt del Priorat.
  • Km 2,10.- We leave the country road behind and enter the Pinyanes path on the left, as indicated by the signposts. 
  • Km 2,97.- We get to a crossing and turn right in the direction of Les Pinyanes.
  • Km 3,49.- We get to another junction and turn left in a zone of a lot of olive trees.
  • Km 4,19.- We take the path on the right. 
  • Km 4,85.- We find ourselves on a paved path and continue on the right to get to the country road in the direction of Bellmunt. 
  • Km 5,75.- We get to the road and turn left in the direction of Bellmunt. 
  • Km 6,34.- After the Venta del Pinar [pine tree] area, we turn right onto a paved path that climbs. We follow this path until we get to the Serra de les Obagues [mountain range] junction. 
  • Km 8,76.- We enter a path on the left and start to climb in the direction of Serra de les Obagues. You only need to follow the signposts. 
  • Km 10,69.- We continue climbing, now to the right as indicated by the signposts. 
  • Km 11,55.-  We get to the old Falset dump, and we take the path on our right. We continue for around one kilometer on this wooded path. 
  • Km 13,32.- We get to the shooting range and continue descending towards Falset, on our right. 
  • Km 14,50.- After passing the cobblestones we continue straight to get to Falset. 
  • Km 16,26.- We arrive at the starting point again.