Itinerary 9: Mountain Bike Competition route around Bellmunt del Priorat


23.00 km
699 m
1 h 30 min - 2 h 15 min
100 %

This route is based on the route which is a yearly competition organised by the youth group of Bellmunt del Priorat.

This route takes us through the land belonging to the village of Bellmunt del Priorat. Despite its reduced kilometres, it is a serious challenge due to the ups and downs of the course. We start at the entrance of the village on a wide farm track. When we reach the highest point, we follow a path steeply downhill and from here onwards it is all farm track, with the exception of one kilometre which  is on the main road.

Route not signposted


  • Km 0.- We leave Bellmunt from the municipal swimming pool at the entrance to the village and head towards the Lead Mining Museum.
  • Km 0,10.- We take the road on our left. 
  • Km 0,40.- We leave the road and take a left-hand track on a very tight bend. 
  • Km 1,00.- We turn left and head uphill on a farm track.
  • Km 1,17.- We continue uphill on a track on our right. 
  • Km 1,62.- We come to the vineyards of Mas d’en Gil and turn right on a wide dirt track. 
  • Km 2,30.- We continue downhill along a track to our left. 
  • Km 3,59.- We follow this track and pass by a pylon.
  • Km 4,14.- We cross the main road and continue downhill along the track in front of us through vineyards. 
  • Km 4,50.- We turn right and start uphill again. 
  • Km 5,07.- We keep right uphill. 
  • Km 5,90 .- We come to a crossroads and take the track going uphill on our left. 
  • Km 6,29.- Once we have reached the top, we take the track on our left which leads downhill. 
  • Km 6,75.- We follow the track turning towards our right. 
  • Km 6,95.- We do downhill straight and come to a path which we take downhill.
  • Km 7,49.- We come to a wide farm track and we keep left. 
  • Km 8,51.- We turn left on a path leading upwards. 
  • Km 10,89.- We come to a crossroads and we take the track on the right. 
  • Km 11,46.- We re-join the main road and we take it along where we started the race. 
  • Km 11,82.- We turn left along a metalled section which we took at the beginning. 
  • Km 12,23.- Now, instead of turning left, we take the right hand track. 
  • Km 12,46.- We continue on the left. 
  • Km 12,67.- We pass by the Lead Mining Museum and we take the road to our left. 
  • Km 12,77.- We leave the main road and take a track to our right. 
  • Km 14,47.- Keep straight on. 
  • Km 15,12.- We turn left. 
  • Km 15,33.- We continue to our right. 
  • Km 16,05.- We come to the main road and continue uphill. 
  • Km 16,79.- We leave the main road and enter a track which leads uphill on our left. 
  • Km 17,47.- We come to an open area and we follow the track on our left. 
  • Km 19,02.- We come to a tight bend on our left and we go downhill towards the river and then on to the village to finish the route. 
  • Km 22,29.- We come to the village and head towards the swimming pool. 
  • Km 22,94.- We are back to where we started.